Jérôme Sans - China : The New Generation

China : The New Generation
by Jean-Marc Decrop & Jérôme Sans

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The first book to focus on Chinese artists born in the 1980s, CHINA: The New Generation explores the advent of a new group to appear on the national and international scenes.

Born in a country in the full swing of economic, social, and urban change, and benefiting from global access to information and new technologies, these artists have broken free from any artistic legacy to draw upon a transversal, worldwide culture. Embodying the dynamics and diversity of methods and styles, so vast as to be entirely unprecedented in China, these artworks and approaches attest to the extraordinary wealth and accuracy of fresh perspectives on today’s world. This newscene, one of the most vibrant in the world, inaugurates the 21st century by reinventing cultural history and launching contemporary art into a new dimension

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