Jérôme Sans - Chourouk Hriech - I see a bird / Je vois un oiseau

Chourouk Hriech - I see a bird / Je vois un oiseau
De Jérôme Sans

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For the Drawing Lab, Chourouk Hriech unfurls a metaphorical locality that links Bangkok to Casablanca and Tokyo to Marseille, a city-world whose main inhabitants are birds. The artist's kaleidoscopic images mix and collide in the exhibition space that is entirely taken over by black-and-white drawings on paper of various sizes as well as on an entire wall, and in immersive installations and videos. This abundant path encourages reverie and exploration, as well as a bodily and intellectual experience of the venue’s physical space, transformed into a "new environment". The animal, including human, and plant kingdoms meld into strata of cities and nature.

Thought as an echo to the dramas happening in skies, forests, swamps and ponds, on grasslands, and in cities, this exhibition invites visitors to walk through life-size fables made of combined and co-existing forms, cultures, and periods, that yet remain engaged with reality.

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