Jérôme Sans - Cuba Talks

Cuba Talks
By Jérôme Sans and Laura Salas Redondo

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Four years after diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States were re-established by Barack Obama and Raúl Castro on 17 December 2014, Cuba Talks is the first book to focus on the extreme vital Cuban contemporary art scene. By interweaving their two visions and cultural backgrounds with Cuban culture, the emerging Cuban curator Laura Salas Redondo and Jérôme Sans, international curator and well-known cofounder of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, reveal a vanguard selection of 28 artists who have been active since the 1980’s, outlining a creative context still largely unknown and hard to understand. A true immersion in the reality of the work of these artists through their own words… 

 Although in recent years, Cuba has been the object of unprecedented fascination and attraction in the political, cultural and tourism spheres, the island has always been seen as a mythical and mysterious land, a source of misunderstandings, fantasies and lust. While few Cuban artists have managed to develop an international career over the past three decades, the Cuban art scene has experienced a renewal of energy in recent years that has continuously increased a paradox in a place where there are cultural infrastructures but there are no private commercial galleries. Cuba Talks offers a broad collective portrait that brings together artists from different generations, revealing the dynamism and the incredible stylistic and thematic breadth, of a scene in constant change, resonant far beyond the borders of Cuba, with a history that is just beginning.

Jérôme Sans and Laura Salas Redondo, Cuba Talks, Libri Illustrati Rizzoli, 2019, pp.3-6.

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"Every artist in this book, whether he stayed in Cuba or settled abroad, remains strongly attached to his roots and offers not only a new look at the contemporary world but also participates in the Cuban cultural revival by addressing more universal themes like utopia, everyday life, immigration, identity or the consequences of globalization."

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