Jérôme Sans - Yu Hong - The world of Saha

Yu Hong - The world of Saha
Yu Hong - The World of Saha

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Yu Hong is one of the most renowned Chinese women artists, affiliated with the New Generation of Chinese Neo-Realist movement. Her practice stands out considerably from that of her peers through a conceptual and a holistic approach to the world. The World of Saha is the first large comprehensive survey into Yu Hong’s universe. More than a retrospective, the exhibition is envisioned as an “introspective” into her unique and wide-ranging vocabulary.
Yu Hong's creative inspiration is known to be grounded in her personal life and everyday surroundings, building a world that ingeniously fuses different perceptions of time, memories and the evolution of emotional states related to her personal inner world. She explores the mutations of women’s everyday lives in China’s changing social, political and cultural debates. 

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"Saha is a Buddhist concept. In Buddhism, there are many worlds, and the world we live in is called the world of Saha. It's very small and filled with anxiety, war and uncertainty."

- Yu Hong

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