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I am Andrea Crews
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Sprawling collective of transversal creation between fashion and art, which is part of a sustainable development economy, Andrea Crews works both with galleries, museums and invests the public space. Their studio in Paris is a niche of resistance and freedom. The collective has taken photos of all its actions, collections, exhibitions, performances, and travels. These photos are the traces, colorful and lively, telling the story of the creative and alternative scene at the turn of the 2000s. More than a testimony, "I AM ANDREA CREWS" is a manifesto. It is a book of photos, grouped by theme and accompanied by texts illustrating Andrea Crews' practice.

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"Andrea Crews signifies the will to exist, to appear only under a generic name, a name including others. Andrea Crews is a free woman, one who is resolutely contemporary, who can appear whenever she wants, wherever she wants, without limits, in any form."

- Jérôme Sans 

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