Jérôme Sans - Imagine Infinite Circles, Trinity 100 Cartier

Imagine Infinite Circles, Trinity 100 Cartier

Brands Curator

The iconic triple alliance speaks of today’s diverse and multiple ways of loving each other, which lie at the very heart of all great stories, like infinite ripples of narratives about to be written. They are a testament to the values of Trinity: love itself, and the diversity of bonds it creates, but also unity and universality. Like common threads of the human experience, they create bonds that encompass yet transcend the individual, weaving instinctual shared stories recognisable to all.

Imagine Infinite Circles is a celebration of Trinity as an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration, of love and its intrinsic power to unite individuals from around the world. The exhibition flourishes from all fields and geographies, naturally weaving together all creative practices into one story. Non-linear, multi-scalar, reminiscent of the circle’s perpetual movement, each destination invokes a labyrinthine journey which unfolds in three stages and can be approached from any direction, with each set of works akin to a different stage of life. 

Drawing inspiration from the Renaissance tradition of “cabinets of curiosities”, the exhibition unveils glimpses into precious, singular microcosms. In the manner of today’s digital screens, where disparate moments and contexts sit alongside each other, accumulated, these cabinets celebrate today’s ways in which one records their life, history, present. Each chamber thus reveals unique, intimate universes, like cubicles capturing fleeting moments and voices resonating through the triple ring’s history, an ode to its enduring vision of love, diversity and plural union. A true Trinity.

This circular scenographic concept, designed by Jérôme Sans, has been created in collaboration with the Turkish artist duo :mentalKLINIK.

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