Jérôme Sans - Intuition, Naço, Marcelo Joulia

Intuition, Naço, Marcelo Joulia
Interview with Jérôme Sans

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On the occasion of the release of Marcelo Joulia's book Intuition celebrating 30 years of architecture and design, Jérôme Sans interviews the artist and opens the dialogue over his rich, diverse and generous production. The architect and designer Marcelo Joulia, driven out of his country, Argentina, by the military coup in 1976, drew from this personal trauma the strength of great builders. For thirty years, he has made his agency Naco - "intuition" in Guarani - the laboratory of a global and inventive architecture that decompartmentalizes genres and works, mixing knowledge, arts and paths.

Epicurean, gourmand, generous, passionate about art and gastronomy, Marcelo Joulia invents places in his image, unique and welcoming, always dynamic.

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"I am a handyman, a "doer" who has learned to adapt, build and bounce back from little things. I love to make. For a very long time, I have accepted that I am not a thinker. That doesn't mean I don't think, but that above all I love the act of building, constructing, welding things together."

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