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Since the 1980s, Pierres and Gilles have epitomised a highly sophisticated art of portraiture, poised between photography and painting. With their images in dark and joyful colours, inspired by art and popular culture, they recreate an enchantment for the world, aspiring to reconcile genres, ages and styles.

Under the scientific direction of Sophie Duplaix (Centre Pompidou, Paris) and featuring the writings of eminent specialists, this book sheds fresh light on the intricate and prolific work of this pair of artists who are at once impossible to classify or circumnavigate. 

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"Our art has blended with our lives, to the point of being its story. It started as a meeting. We have drawn from our memories and our dreams, and from everything that we have lived and still living together. For us, Art is a pleasure – even a necessity ».

- Pierre et Gilles

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