Jérôme Sans - Xu Qu, Currency Wars

Xu Qu, Currency Wars
by Jérôme Sans

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During Art Basel Hong Kong 2017, artist Xu Qu and curator Jérôme Sans launched the book "Currency Wars”, which documents the artist first solo exhibition in Europe at Almine Rech gallery, curated by Jérôme Sans. Known for his original multiform approach, Xu Qu is one of the most interesting creative talents from the new generation of young Chinese artists who grew up in the 1980s and who are beginning to appear on the national and international scenes.

The show focuses on two iconic series of recent works that are both parts of a vast ongoing project. In the “Currency Wars” series, Xu Qu uses different watermarks of banknotes from across the world to create colorful abstract compositions. The “Maze” series is the continuity of the Currency Wars: these paintings show infinite mazes that are a complex with many paths of different choices and directions. Xu Qu’s work deals with this era of massive and public information that the new generation of Chinese have benefitted through the unlimited access to internet, as well as the social networks. The catalog also includes an interview of Xu Qu by Jérôme Sans.

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