Jérôme Sans - Daniel Buren : Inexorablement, les couleurs glissent

Daniel Buren : Inexorablement, les couleurs glissent
Polygone Riviera

Films Directeur artistique

Daniel Buren
Born 1938 in Boulogne-Billancourt, lives and works in situ

Rooted in an industrial motif characteristic of roller blinds from the mid 1960s, alternating white and coloured stripes 8.7 cm wide have been the syntax of Daniel Buren’s artistic language since 1965. Using this “visual tool”, the internationally acclaimed artist develops a whole range of possibilities and explores the notion of site-specific art: his works are intrinsically designed in response to the topological and cultural characteristics of their settings, modifying the way architecture and the surroundings are perceived.

At Polygone Riviera, Daniel Buren has taken over a large pergola which he has adorned with coloured stripes and filters, creating a kaleidoscope that changes according to the movement of the sun. As the hours and seasons go by, walking under this canopy is never the same experience twice, as it constantly changes thanks to variations in sunlight and transparency.

- replier

Inexorablement, les couleurs glissent, travail in situ, 2015
Coloured polyester films

Conception & Production Mazarine
Artistic Direction Jérôme Sans

Special thanks to kamel mennour Gallery, Galleria Contiuna (San Gimignano, Beijing, Les Moulins, Habana, Roma, São Paulo, Paris)