Jérôme Sans - Liquid Architecture

Liquid Architecture

Music Multidisciplinaire

After a first album, titled “Revolution is Over” that came out in 2005 on Naïve Records, Liquid Architecture, has toured in the most prestigious and unexpected places and capital of the world like Deitch Project gallery in New York, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Malba in Buenos Aires, Bozar Museum in Brussels, and toured in many cities in switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany.

In January 2010, they released with Modern Sky record label in China a record titled “I Love to Love” and were the first ever french band to be signed on the label. They toured in China in may 2010 for the promotion of the album.

The catchy melodies of this glam sexy duo has been chosen for different movies synchronisation and advertising : Le Meridien, Peugeot, Danièle Thompson movie “Le Code a Changé”.

Musically, Liquid Architecture strides somewhere between rock and electronic mantras. Each track evoke a cry from the heart, savage and fragile all at once. You just need to look at the names of the songs, full of glamour and humour.  It is sexy, as though inhabited by a desire to live intensely and impose its presence on the world.  In this it recalls the records of groups like The Kills or Royal Trux, who also produced discs inhabited by a raw vision of rock reformulated with an electro spirit for a contemporary era. This modernity comes through with Liquid Architecture when certain moments last longer than normal, and passages of what seemed like rock turn out to be pieces of almost dance music,  as though woven by a vibrating machine, one full of desire – here we are often on the edge of a highly guttural eroticism. And we touch on the essence shared by rock’n’roll and electro: the endless repetition of the same motif in order to seduce, excite, tame, hypnotise and haunt.

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Liquid Architecture / What Glory
Music video by Sam Samore

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