Jérôme Sans - Pablo Reinoso Twin Bench

Pablo Reinoso Twin Bench
Polygone Riviera

Films Directeur artistique

Pablo Reinoso
Born 1955 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), lives and works in Paris

Steel arabesques, ornate woodwork, marble seats… the works of Pablo Reinoso, rooted in both sculpture and design, emancipate themselves from their initial purpose and take our environment into a new dimension. Refined echoes of minimalist art, Pablo Reinoso’s sculptures play with the rigidity of everyday objects, suddenly expanding them as a metaphor for ineluctable plant growth, even in urban areas. They spread out like living, moving, non-permanent bodies that refuse to be limited to a single function.

“Banc d’amarrage” and “Twin Bench” extend and unravel like tendrils into which life has been breathed. Entering into a dialogue with their surroundings, these strange sculptural benches interact with the shapes of the nearby plant holders and forge connections between the human body and the natural world.

- replier

Twin Bench, 2015
Painted steel

Conception & Production Mazarine
Artistic Direction Jérôme Sans

Special thanks to Maison d'Amérique Latine